“What I like about the Shakespeare Project is that I can be myself and nobody will judge me.”

Who We Are

Shakespeare on the Edge, Inc. is a Monroe based non-profit serving youth throughout Green County. 


Shakespeare on the Edge strives to bring arts programming to rural youth that helps develop character, self-esteem, confidence, peer bonds, and combats bullying.  Shakespeare was meant for everyone, no matter one’s education level, upbringing, social class or abilities. Shakespeare on the Edge’s programming is for everyone—anyone wanting a great and exciting art experience.  While we love Shakespeare, our programming is about so much more than Shakespeare; we combine visual art, movement, theatre, improv, discussion, games, team-building, and fun, while doing so with the themes that appear in Shakespeare’s works: relationships, bullying, love, tragedy, friendship, courage, success and failure,and overcoming fears, to just name a few.

   We act out Shakespeare's stories and in turn act out our own.